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Examples of recent work in explosive damage assessment include a variety of situations as follows:




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Engineering Analysis Inc. (EAI) is a small business corporation located in Huntsville, Alabama. As our name implies, we are primarily involved in engineering studies for both government agencies and private industry, and are licensed to perform such work by Certificate of Authorization No. CA.0100-E issued by the Alabama State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.  In accordance with Public Law 106-50, EAI is classified as a service-disabled veteran-owned business.

Our strength lies in the training and experience of our founder Dr. Frank B. Tatom, who serves as President and Chief Engineer.  Dr. Tatom, in the course of his career, has been recognized as the source of a number of noteworthy discoveries or ideas.  These achievements have occurred in a somewhat diverse assortment of fields consisting of space science, environmental engineering, hazardous weather phenomena, fractional calculus, and theoretical physics.  In the field of space science, in 1966, before the first landing on the moon he correctly predicted that the average thickness of the lunar dust layer was one to two centimeters [1], as opposed to ten to twenty feet.  In the field of environmental engineering, Dr. Tatom, in 1985, demonstrated that the popular concept of conservation of buoyancy, which was in common use at that time, was simply an approximation and not a physical law, especially for liquids [2].  In 1986 he developed an accurate model for predicting downwash of cooling tower plumes, based in part on the drag coefficient of the cooling tower [3].  In the field of hazardous weather phenomena, in 1985 Dr. Tatom conceived the idea of computing lightning strike number densities at an array of geographical points, and then creating contour plots based on such arrays [4].  This technique is currently used by meteorologists for weather map displays of hazardous lightning conditions.  In 1992 he conceived and subsequently confirmed the idea that tornadoes when in contact with the ground produce a measurable seismic signal, [5, 6, 7] forming the basis for the Seismic Detection of Tornadoes concept [8, 9, 10].  In 1993 he developed an accurate measure of tornado probability in the form of the Annual Coverage Fraction (ACF), [11] which has been incorporated into the Site Assessment of Tornado Threat (SATT) software for more than eighteen years.  In 1988 in the field of fractional calculus Dr. Tatom was the first investigator, concerned with the equation governing the transient motion of immersed particles, to identify the Basset term as a semiderivative [12].  In 1989 he demonstrated the use of fractional calculus to produce simulated stochastic processes such as atmospheric turbulence [13].  Dr. Tatom is credited with developing the basic relationship between fractional calculus and fractals in 1995 [14].  More recently in 2011, in the field of theoretical physics Dr. Tatom developed the concept of the nonuniform rate of passage of time, and the equivalence of such acceleration to the Hubble Constant [15].  He is currently writing two additional papers, one dealing with the universe as an elastic three-dimensional membrane, and the second concerned with the temporal inertia of matter.

During our thirty-four year history, we have received numerous awards and have developed an impressive list of customers. The projects and services provided for our customers are quite varied in nature, ranging from studies of tornadic phenomena, such as the seismic detection of tornadoes, to the application of fractional calculus for active noise control, and in the field of explosive damage assessment including the prediction of structural damage to offshore oil platforms due to vapor cloud explosions and the simulation of bodily injury to personnel due to high explosive detonations (including blast and fragmentation effects). At times we have served as a research and development contractor. At other times our personnel have served in a consulting role and on other occasions as expert witnesses. 

In carrying out such engineering activities we have always operated with the philosophy that the digital computer is a valuable engineering and scientific tool which if properly used can produce quantitative answers to otherwise intractable problems. This operating philosophy has led to the development of a number of useful software packages. A number of our software packages have been sold commercially, especially explosive damage assessment software. Our experience with tornadic risk assessment software has also been noteworthy. Throughout our history we have gained and maintained a reputation not only for high-quality engineering practices but also for high standards of honesty and integrity.


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