We have extensive experience in explosive damage assessment, dating back to 1983. Such analysis has involved a variety of different types of events including:

The effects of overpressure, dynamic pressure, impulse, and pulse duration are included in such analysis. In addition, the effects of structural shielding and secondary explosions are also taken into account. We also have considerable experience in computing the vulnerability of structures to blast based on pressure impulse diagrams. Our work in explosive damage assessment analysis has led to the development of a number of useful explosive safety software packages. Such software consists of :

These software items are commercially available and have been purchased by a number of organizations.

A number of technical papers have been published dealing with our work in this area.  Some very recent examples of our work are provided under press releases.

Several years ago, we entered into a working agreement with Trinity Consultants, leading to the development of HEXDAM 6.0 and 7.0, VEXDAM 6.0 and 7.0, and VASDIP 4.0 versions of our explosive safety software.  Users manuals are available for the latest versions of each of these software packages.  Also available is a detailed description of the HEXDAM Master Data Base, as well as, the most recent glass vulnerability data.

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