Since 1985 our personnel have been involved in Company-funded studies of fractional calculus and its potential application in a number of areas, including 1/f noise, turbulence, active noise control, and fractals. A number of technical papers have been published dealing with our work in this area. Of special importance has been the development of improved algorithms for the numerical evaluation of fractional derivatives. As part of such efforts, we have developed a number of fractional calculus software packages as follows:

In addition to the software noted, our personnel have developed an experimental software package for generating fractal curves for which the fractal dimensions are controlled by means of fractional calculus.

In addition to the development of the programs noted, Dr. Tatom is credited with the identification of the Basset term as a semiderivative, in the governing equation for the unsteady motion of an immersed particle. In addition Dr. Tatom has recently developed and published the definitive explanation of the relationship between fractals and fractional calculus.

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