As a result of a recent series of studies dealing with the threat of secondary fragmentation at NASA Kennedy Space Center, EAI has developed an advanced version of HEXFRAG.  This advanced version of HEXFRAG is designated HEXFRAG 711, which was released in March 2011.  This latest version provides a more realistic model for the calculation of the initial velocity of secondary fragments, which replaces the simple model involving the velocity coefficient.  The ballistic model has also been refined with a more accurate algorithm for time of flight, taking into account vertical fall distance, vertical time-of-flight, and terminal velocity.  In addition, significant revisions have been made to the calculation of the fragment drag coefficient and velocity decay coefficient.  As a result, more accurate hazardous ranges are produced, which are in general smaller in magnitude than the corresponding ranges predicted by the earlier model.  Any user of HEXFRAG who is interested in upgrading to the HEXFRAG 711 should contact EAI at eai@mindspring.com.  Any current user of HEXDAM who would like to add HEXFRAG to their existing software should likewise contact EAI at eai@mindspring.com.