Most of the users of the Vapor Cloud Explosion Damage Assessment Model (VEXDAM) software are concerned with personnel safety and the effects of an explosion on the human body. For that reason we have developed the VEXDAM Man software, designed for use with VEXDAM. A number of technical papers have been published dealing with our work in this area.

A collection of seventeen structural components, representing all the major parts of the human body, the VEXDAM Man can be placed anywhere in an existing problem scenario in any one of forty-four different predefined positions, as summarized below:

Table 1

In addition, the user can easily develop an unlimited number of additional user-defined positions. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of VEXDAM Men which can be added to a scenario. The damage or injury resulting from an explosion is predicted for each part of each VEXDAM Man. Such predictions are based on the most accurate available data describing the vulnerability of the human body to blast.

Not only does the VEXDAM Man provide a means of predicting injury to personnel, but also it provides a means by which the relative size of a structure or facility can be readily established.

Recently, we entered into a working agreement with Trinity Consultants, leading to the development of VEXDAM 6.0 and 7.0 versions of our explosive safety software.

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