Dr. Frank Tatom has served as an expert witness to Mr. Palmer Hoovestal, attorney at law, representing the owners of the Shadow Valley Mine San Bernandino County, California. Dr. Tatom has used the HEXDAM 5.0 software to predict the damage to various buildings at the mine site resulting from the detonation of high explosives in a nearby trench. As part of his study a comparison was made between predicted and observed damage levels in each building.

Dr. Frank Tatom has also served as an expert witness to OSHA and the Department of Labor in the Hercules Powder Kenvil Plant Case. Dr. Tatom used the HEXDAM 5.0 and VASDIP-II software to demonstrate the consequences of an explosion in the blender packer building at the Kenvil facility. He also carried out analysis of craters, glass breakage, and tree blowdown. He developed questions to be used by the Department of Labor for both his direct and rebuttal testimony, as well as questions to be used in the cross examination of the Hercules expert witness.

For the city of Newport, Tennessee, Dr. Tatom has recently provided services as an expert witness pertaining to the failure of a submerged diffuser on the Pigeon River. He analyzed the design of the failed diffuser under the river flow conditions at the time of the incident, to develop a rational explanation of the failure.

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